Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clueless @ CBC

Saturday mornings Mrs. OMMAG likes to have a coffee and listen to Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe....

OK! I can put up with Stu and his cutsie-homey and homily laden tales ... he even has some decent musicians performing live at his shows ... I can even tolerate his cultivated Jimmy Stewart monologue style for a half hour or so.

BUT ..... it is the CBC and of course there is the CBC News .....

Today, the Ceeb newsroom offered some woman from Carlton U ( yeah that Carlton U) and of course the Profound and Informed Opinion of this social studies Expert.

The topic of today's lefty opinion ..... the recent arctic tour of PMSH .... funny how these people have only ONE drum to beat! So of course banging the progressive timpani our expert of the day offers her view that the PM should have avoided focussing on military threats in our north and offered to address the "REAL" problems.

Of course no mention of all the economic initiatives that were rolled out or reinforced.
And not a clue as to how the ability to defend your territory impacts your ability to develop your territorial economy.

Unicorns - rainbows - pixie dust...... when they are feeding from the trough that the taxpayers fill it's all just so easy.

CBC .... our cultural cornerstone.


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