Monday, October 19, 2009

Believing Just What I Want..............

For those who've apparently missed the updates over the last two years .... that'd be you folks who get all your information from the MSM.

The trend lines are moving back to average or mean values.

For the mathematically challenged ...... that means you can probably expect them to go back to the other end of the scale as our normal cyclic weather patterns do their yin/yang dance.

Of course if you are stuck on stupid like the MSM then you will keep screaming about greenhouse gasses and carbon taxes, rising sea levels etc.

That is until the chicken littles of the science world all rush to the other side of their teeter-totter with the next "Imminent Ice Age" panic. Whereupon you will probably be looking for someone to blame for global cooling.

P/S - I'm stocking up on incandescent lamps and firewood


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