Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Happy Socialist Paradise - According to Dan Lett

The Sausage Factory himself.... and writer for the Winnipeg Free Press:

"The public sector is the major driving force in the economy of most provinces."

I heard this today while driving home from work with the radio tuned to The Great Canadian Talk Show. The heart of a socialist tool laid bare in one simple statement.

Lett was on with the host Marty Gold ... his pseudonymous self ... making as nice as can be with the frequent target of his many emotional outbursts about the feeble effort of the Freep and it's writers to produce a worthwhile product.

Responding to questions concerning the state of Manitoba's economy and the performance of the NDP in managing the same... Sausage boy was busy spinning madly to convince the audience that things are not so bad ... after all what's $490 billion when you've got the magic money tree to go to?

Actually he had me sucked in for a moment or two when he (Lett) acknowledged to some degree the fact that someone who voted for Greg Selinger on the basis of his "Balanced" budgets might lack some understanding of the reality behind those budgets.

BUT ... then ... of course he went back to an apologetic tone about how certain months are tougher and leaner for the government because ... Now Here It Comes!!! ... Hydro Revenues are down. Of course this affects the appearance of fiscal mismanagement as being worse after April.

According to .... Sausage boy... it's the "Appearance" of fiscal mismanagement the "Idea" of incompetence!

Sure thing Meat!

Now let us get a couple FEW of things straight shall we?

First - We live and function in a Capitalist society where the markets are Supposed to be allowed to work. Like it or not ... this is the fact of our nation and our economic foundation. Capitalism and market competition are not theories to be debated but are the way things work.

Second -
Any interference by government in the economy undermines the ability of that market and economy to function. This is true whether or not the intention of the interference is to create a greater good or to rectify some perceived imbalance.

Third -
The One and Only way any government can obtain financial resources is to take money out of the economy. It does not matter whether they do this by borrowing, which devalues the currency and places an ongoing economic burden on the entire public. Nor does it matter if done through taxation. The result is detrimental to the economy and therefore to the wellbeing of the public.

Fourth -
It does not matter if it is done by rifling the bank accounts of public corporations such as Manitoba Hydro which is simply a theft of the assets that rightfully belong to the stake holders ( that would be every single resident of Manitoba) as well as to force those citizens who use Hydro to pay greater costs in compensation for the loss of assets and revenue at the Crown corporation. The result is detrimental to the economy and therefore to the wellbeing of the public.

Fifth -
No matter how much money a government redistributes it cannot claim to be "Driving " the economy. This is because the wealth has been taken FROM the economy in the first place and because there is no possible way to do this without wasting resources. The result is detrimental to the economy and therefore to the wellbeing of the public.

Sixth -
Because of the 5 factual reasons stated above any government that has become the largest economic influence in the economy under their jurisdiction has done more harm than good. The result is detrimental to the economy and therefore to the wellbeing of the public.

And that ... Sausage boy is why economic ignoramuses like yourself and your NDP friends should never, ever be left in charge of a piggy bank let alone a public trust. It is the reason why socialist governments always ... every time... without exception end up broke and in debt.

It is also the definition of incompetence.

There no excuse for this depth of ignorance.

Unfortunately it is the norm for lefticles in government and sycophants in the public and the media to remain willfully and happily immersed in the belief that they can and will get different results if they just keep doing the same things over and over.

And THAT is a working definition of deranged.

Unless of course their intention is to undermine the economy and impoverish the public.

That would be a working definition of traitorous!

The result is detrimental to the economy and therefore to the wellbeing of the public.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

hey OMMAG! SWEETEST HOLIDAYS to u my friend..big NY hugss!!! xoxoxox

12/23/2009 5:41 p.m.  
Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Well, in this province, the bulk of people are employed in public service, so, as far as we're concerned he's probably right. And balancing the books on Hydro's back was bound to come back and bit them in the ass.

I wonder what the deficit REALLY is....

12/23/2009 8:20 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes. An older more literate Chris Buors.

You're right. Their stealing from us. Capitalism is all we need to function. Boo-ors to government. That hydroelectricity belongs to ME!!

12/24/2009 12:52 a.m.  

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