Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Shining Example of Worthlessness

And these are the people that most of the sort who "believe" in Global warming would hope to settle all their grievences...

The EU and the WTO take 16 years to arrive at a "solution" to a problem that never existed except for their own determination to create and nurture that problem....

Call it "The Long Banana War" :

The European Union ended one of the world's longest-running trade battles Tuesday as it agreed to cut import tariffs on bananas from Latin America grown by U.S. corporations like Dole Food Co., Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. and Chiquita Brands International Inc. The settlement, which must still be backed by national legislatures, means cheaper bananas for Europeans, more profits for U.S. fruit firms and lower revenues for some former EU colonies.

And not to put too much emphasis on the actual implementation of the "Solution" ....

It will take another 8 years to put an end to this farce.

Now didn't Canada go to the WTO to get some help with something just a few short years ago?

Thanks to USSNeverdock and Atlantic Council


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