Sunday, February 07, 2010

From some "expert" quoted by an MSMer :

Here is how Queensland University's Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a world expert on coral reefs and climate change, describes what happened when he contributed a small slice of the 2007 IPCC report:

"The IPCC has one of the most rigorous review processes I have ever experienced...."

Observe that Neither one of them actually know whether there was any so called peer review ... or bother to ask. They simply follow the doctrine that because the IPCC claimed that there was peer review ..... that it must be so.

In the case of the cited interview and article by ABC Australia's Margot O'Neill. it happened back in November and therefore she may claim ignorance of the issues in regard to the IPCC's lack of credibility. BUT .... since I and many others were well aware of the nature of the IPCC and it's cohort well before that time (2 years) ..... exactly WHY that should be a valid defence would be beyond reason.

But for the matter of the quoted scientist and so called expert ... if that is the most rigorous review process he ever experienced, it should make everyone ask "Just what sort of peer review HAVE you experienced?

The "experts" who resort to sources of accreditation for their credibility seem to miss the fact that they ...themselves ...have undermined or allowed to be undermined... those very sources.

A house of cards .... dwellings built upon sand.

Seems to me the scientific community has forgotten the principle keeping you own house in good order and the foundations in proper repair.

Instead of doing that by maintaining vigilant scrutiny of the institutions they rely on for checks and balances. Instead of keeping their own house in order, it seems that they as a group .... have allowed their house to be undermined and infested.

As for the MSM .... stupider by the day. Beyond hope... beyond redemption.


In an unfortunate turn of events ..... a Canadian MSM outlet fails to preserve their archives:

"Fire destroys CTV's Ottawa newsroom; archives lost"

"Among the losses were the local news archives of Ottawa's history and the 37-year video history of anchor Max Keeping who is set to retire April 1, CTV said in a story published on its website."

A hat tip to SDA, Steyn and others...

More reading at : J-Source


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As for the MSM .... stupider by the day. Beyond hope... beyond true!

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