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A Window On The Soul of A Socialist

The headline should read .. Communist Opposes Christian Groups Involved in Community

I doubt if anyone who knows anything about the NDP MP for Winnipeg Center would deny that he is a socialist to the core. Most would consider him a communist at heart, a true disciple of Karl Marx, VI Lenin, Tommy Douglas etc. and admirer of all those. I'm sure he wears that dubious distinction with a great deal of pride.

The man whose great crusade over the years has been the abolition of the penny. The man who jumps on every politically correct bandwagon that comes along and never misses an opportunity to play divisive political games. I think that he represents everything that is wrong with this sort.

It came to my attention through my Kid who is taking some sociology courses, that the Winnipeg Free Press had an article in Thursday's paper on the matter of Pat Martin. She brought an assignment to me to address the issues that this exposes. University sociology programs, vapid local newspapers, and communist haters of all things Christian rolled up in one package.

Writers Bartley Kives and Jenny Ford use up the top half of the front page in the City&Business section of the paper to tell us about a plan to build a "Youth Center" on the currently barren northwest corner of Higgins and Main. What they also, somewhat surprisingly, do is offer a fairly straight forward selection of pros and cons as articulated by members of city council and other interested parties. Not surprising that no pointed questions were asked of either Martin or John Courter who is taking the lead in this project. But, given the state of affairs at the Free Press I suppose a simple juxtaposition and some supporting background to a story is as much as one could expect.

What is most instructive in this article is the fact that they place the objections of Pat Martin to this project on an equal footing to the people who are driving the project.

You also might wonder why a good socialist and supporter of all things like social programs and centers for social activity and support workers who make it their business to direct effort to helping the needy and neglected would be anything but a big supporter of this new effort.

Well the simple answer and the truth of it are plain to see in Martin's own words:

"These people are evangelical fundamentalists. Offering much needed sport opportunities is just their way of luring in young prospects."

Uhuh! Pat Martin knows that Christians who might be evangelical or fundamentalist are up to no good by the very fact that they are or may be those things. Youth centers and opportunities for education or support can only be good if those who are running them are from his group of like minded government trough feeding types. Those sneaky Christians are going to play bait and switch. They might actually convince some poor innocent that taking responsibility for their actions and changing the way they live could result in a better life too!

If you take a look at the other "Projects" that occupy the corners of Higgins&Main you will get the idea of what he does approve. Building paid for by taxpayers that are populated by taxpayer funded cultural groups and social services organizations that continue to abuse and mismanage the properties and show no form of responsibility whatsoever... promoting the concept that the "government" is just going to keep forking over whatever is needed or desired and that those who need or desire are entitled to it all. Hmmmm ... just the kind of folks who are likely to be voting for socialist Pat Martin.

And of course the egalitarian Martin has no problem with Christian groups per se ... just so long as they stick to providing handouts and know their place.

"I have no objection to faith-based organizations providing services. The Sally-Ann and others have been doing a great job for years." Says Martin!

On the matter of government support for such projects, "Would the federal government be so willing to give them $3 million if they were called Youth for Allah?"

Ahhhh! The tolerant left...... Never mind the blatant demonizing of Christian groups ... Martin lets us in on another of his gems of acquired wisdom. Apparently, if the federal government funds a project that will be run by a Christian group it is different from funding a project that is run by another religious group. I guess Pat Martin is unaware of the scores of projects that are funded under exactly the same sort of program that do get run by Islamic groups or Hindu groups or Sikh groups or what ever GROUP you care to name. The fact being, that the funding is not provided on the basis of which group is spearheading the project.

Unless .... you allow Pat Martin and his ilk to decide ... then it is perfectly clear that all selections for funding are to be made based on HIS prejudices. Commissar Pat.

By the way ... the Provincial government is not funding the project.

I wonder why?

More Pat Martin Here!

And Free Press Editorial on Martin's "Irrational Outburst"...

There those among us who would say that Pat Martin is nothing but a never ending Irrational Outburst!


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Blogger Gino said...

arent secular govt giveawy programs designed to help people and lure them into the secular governmental systems?

i guess its a matter of who's religion, is all.

2/20/2010 8:39 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Nails hit on the head Gino....

2/21/2010 6:17 p.m.  

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