Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Say hello to Cooper's Sparkling Ale

She's an Australian product that is a little hard to make sense of.

The body of my glassful was filled with floaters and just a few bubbles. The initial head was open and thin and disappeared in less time than it took to pull a whiff off the thing. The colour is a pale sort of orange.

Taking a big inhale off the top gives a strong hop aroma and yeasty sour malt. Not a bad aroma... in fact... I've sampled a few beers that had that sort of nose and really produced a fine overall experience.

The mouth feel is a dry sort of tartiness over a syrup and a touch of meal.
The flavour comes on strong with bitter hops (You just KNOW that's coming after the first sniff) but then things go a bit odd. There is a sort of heavy sweetness that comes along as you fill your mouth the second or third time and after I got to this point ... the aroma seemed to gain a sense of that caramel/maltiness as well.

A steady series of sips keeps the candied molasses flavour alive but the bitter hops offer a total contrast to this sweet sensation.

Frankly .... I am not sure if this bottle is typical or if it got some transportation and storage funk imbued to it.

A strange brew that I'd like to try again with a fresher sample and a bit colder.

As it is ..... this sample of Cooper's Sparkling is just too odd to recommend.

Of Course there are ..... Opinions

For now .... CHEERS!

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