Monday, June 28, 2010

Of Course .... Protesting is JUST the Thing to Do.

When things are bad and getting worse.... all the morally and intellectually superior get it.

Protest! Line up on a beach like a bunch of kindergarten children being herded by the day care workers and chant for a few hours.

Send in more bureaucrats and get some regulation going .... ban something right now.
Get the president to make another trip and another speech for another photo-op.

That's how things get fixed! ............... Right?

GULFPORT, Miss. — A morning flight over the Mississippi Sound showed long, wide ribbons of orange-colored oil for as far as the eye could see and acres of both heavy and light sheen moving into the Sound between the barrier islands. What was missing was any sign of skimming operations from Horn Island to Pass Christian.

Why is the mess not being cleaned up?

Because the Federal Regulators will not allow it! Who is responsible for those regulators?

Obama... Because there is no evidence that George W. Bush was scuba diving near the oil rigs.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

regulators..nice word eh?
Happy Monday :)

6/28/2010 1:56 p.m.  

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