Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Voting day in Progressovania

I wonder how the election is going....
With damned little to choose from us Winnipegers are at the polls today for civic elections.

I was really impressed with the turnout at my local polling station.
When I walked in shortly after work today the line was almost back to the door at two of the four registration tables.

It turned out the the main reason for the long lines was a couple of dufuses who couldn't figure out how the thing works wasting better than 20 minutes before they finally got tired of holding up a 100 or so folks. From the looks of things they were retired people anyway ... so just why the f@ck they had to wait until after 4:30 to go vote is beyond comprehension.

Anyway .... now I'm curious about whether all this apparent interest in civic democracy is about the fear of having a double dipping dipper for a mayor .... or ... that there are THAT MANY freeking idiots living in my neighbourhood who would be out voting for her.

Our Happy Socialist paradise .... on the verge of 4 years of Judy washerwasherwash.......or?

Well it seems we only have to worry about another four years of mediocrity..... Way to go Sam.

I'll have a beer tomorrow ......


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