Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coming to an Avaricious Nurse Nanny Local Government Near You

ASSET or something like it....

The use of photo-radar and other systems is on the rise and your local government probably thinks that is just great. (Mine sure does.)

Just imagine a world where every inch of your progress along public roads is monitored and measured by data collection and analysis systems!

By integrating commonly available information tools and roadside imaging systems it is already possible for anyone with a few bucks and the will to do so ... to know exactly where you are in a vehicle at all times.

In Europe there is already a propaganda campaign to sell the implementation of these systems.

Follow the link to see the language used to cultivate a positive perception of what amounts to government spying on citizens as they go about their business.......

Here's a example:
The aim of ASSET is to contribute substantially to the improvement of safety in the field of sustainable road transportation.

ASSET will generate, process and provide important road safety information from essential system components.

Improving driver support, awareness and behaviour is a key issue.

This will be achieved through an advanced sensor/processing network providing assistance and information for drivers, traffic control agencies and infrastructure operators.

Another aspect of this sort of development is that the systems can be further co opted to take control of your vehicle. Using the on board control systems that are already built into all modern vehicles it is simple to take over engine and transmission functions. In some new vehicles there are already collision avoidance and maneuvering assist programs that can steer and direct a cars motion ... effectively removing the driver from the control system loop.

It's only a matter of time before governments begin legislating that these systems be made accessible to external controllers in the interest of "public safety" and then the steady erosion of control by you over when, where and how you drive will commence in earnest.

Hat Tip to "Flares into Darkness"


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