Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Because .... He's The Chosen One

What the world needs now? Channelling Nikita Kruschev ?

Another turd from the sunshine ass of Obama ....

At !NoPasaran! a writer offers this nugget:

Anyone catch Dear leader’s comment on what the world needs is a “Sputnik” moment?

Not America. The World.

Not a “Man on the moon”moment. A “Sputnik” moment.

Being very young at the time Sputnik appeared, from what I recall of what my parents telling me the world was pretty scared and upset that the Russian Communists had sent that little sphere up there.

Ah, so Dear Leader wants us all scared shitless of the government. Me so dumb Comrades!

No gruel for me.

Yeah ... I was young then too .... and I remember that even Walter Cronkite .... who never met a commie he didn't love better than America .... was Pee O 'd.


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