Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Unifyer


Unify Americans? .... Nope .... more interested in stimulating conflict in the USA... It's ALL Us vs. Them in his playbook .... know your enemy people.

Unify the world .... Nope.... so far he's pissed off or alienated every one of America's traditional allies.

Unify the enemy? That's more like it ..... so far he's succeded in abbeting the unification of the entire Middle East under the influence of Militant Islamic extremists.

So far ... Iran is getting a free pass to continue being what they are ... Egypt has been handed over to the Brotherhood.... Iraq is going down the tubes as Islamists gain the upper hand there ... Lybia is only weeks away from falling under the control of Islamists ... the Saudis will be facing the same thing as al Quaida hates the royal family there and is working hard to undermine them ... ditto for the Emirates... Ditto for Syria .... Lebanon will be finished soon .... pretty much all of North Africa is going to hell .....

All this just to exercise some long held desire to teach those Uppity Jews in Israel a lesson in humility?

Well good for you ... Obama.... I'm sure all your pals are really proud of The Real Barack Obama whether he be evil activist or willing stooge .... the results of him being the POTUS are going to be quite clear.

With the daily mounting evidence that the consequences of the current US administration's action and inaction are nearing catastrophe .... we still hear nothing of this in the mainstream media ... It's almost like they want things to go this way themselves ... or they are just so completely stupidly in love with the president they made possible that they cannot see this coming.


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