Thursday, March 10, 2011

More to NPR Resignations ...

Could be ... since the folks who ran the expose on them probably do have more video....

Personally, I find the sort of hidden camera stuff just plain sleazy .... but there is much more than just the amateurish espionage performed by James O'Keefe for his ... that's the same folks who performed the gotcha stings that helped to collapse ACORN across ther US.....

However, it remains to be seen whether there is more to this recent bamboozle at NPR.

Commentary Magazine poses the question "Why would Viv Schiller resign that$500k job over what was essentially an effort to do her job in promoting her company?"

As for the other Schiller ... who is no relation ... same deal. The guy is a millionaire fundraiser who gets paid very well for results .... regardless of his personal opinions.

You have to consider that 80 % of NPR funding comes from sympathetic private donations ad grants. Even if the pols who are going after their funding are successful they are unlikely to actually recover that 20% of forced taxpayer contribution.... probably a percentage of that like 20 percent which would work out to something like a 4% total reduction.

So for the threat of a statistical blip and one mildly embarrasing video ... we get two high profile NPR execs to resign? That does not really add up IMO.

I'm inclined to thin that there is a lot more that these people have to be worried about... whether or not there are videos on the loose.

Even if you look at the sting executed on NPR director of institutional donations Betsy Liley ... who was videotaped conspiring with a guy posing as Muslim Brotherhood rep to conceal a $5 mil donation... that should not affect the other jobs.

I'm thinking that just maybe ... there is a lot more dirt under that roof and the powers that be at NPR are just hoping to cut their loses.

Makes me wonder what we could dig up at CBC .... remember that CBC thing where they claimed they do not have to divulge information about where the spend their money ... or where it comes from?

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