Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Happy Socialist Paradise

And so it goes that the "People's Party" girds their loins for another battle with the forces of darkness... AKA .. Manitobans who actually work at real jobs and contribute to the welfare of the welfare state.

Has it caught your attention that our public energy utility Manitoba Hydro has been spending your money on TV and radio advertisements to promote the Bi-Pole III power line project? (Plan-B)

Have you seen the ads? Here's the web page where they host them!

Did you get what they are saying?

Did you get the bit about the reliability, environment and opportunity? Did you ever hear that same bit from Hydro about the original Plan-A? (East Side Route)

Why is Manitoba Hydro broadcasting NDP talking points about a project that is in fact not being pursued for any of the reasons stated?

Did Manitoba Hydro not already have a plan in place that met all of these warm and fuzzy goals before the NDP came to power?

You will note that Hydro is not claiming that they are pursuing the BEST plan. That they are in fact not saying anything that falls outside the realm of NDP lies intended to move people to believe that the People's Party is backing the a transmission line plan that is in the best interests of the people of Manitoba. Let's be clear about this ... the Bi-Pole III plan is NOT Manitoba Hydro's plan.

This plan is the product of the NDP arrogance and incompetence. The Bi-Pole III plan evolved from what started out as a real plan based on the results of studies conducted by Hydro.

The NDP at first agreed that the Manitoba Hydro plan to run a new power line down the East side of Lake Winnipeg along the Ontario boundary was the best possible approach. They agreed with the results of the studies and they agreed with the goals of the Plan-A.

Then along came a local mouthpiece for a US based environmental activist group complaining that parts of the route bordered or included a "World Nature Preserve". A preserve determined not by the people of Canada nor by the People of Manitoba but rather by the self professed authority of an organisation that has no authority over our Nation at all. I will not go into the depths of corruption behind the UN and it's policies .... save to say that there has never been one that Canada has been beneficiary of ... quite the contrary.

So ... after our home grown eco-fanatic gets his buddies in the US all worked up ... they deliver a public announcement claiming (falsely) that the planned construction project is going to do irreparable harm to the environment and the local residents of the area. Also that it was in some way illegal and immoral because the UN said .... blah... blah .... blah!!

Well ... good old Grinnin Gary caved to these nobodies faster than a cheese soufle' dropped on the floor..... our gutless wonder fearless leader ... couldn't turn around fast enough in the face of self righteous indignation from politically correct and self important meddlers like that.

After all those folks used all the right words eh? Like ... environment.... sustainable ..... blah ... blah .... destruction .... devastation .... blah .... blah ..... aboriginal .... blah ... blah ... blah .... human rights .....blah blah.... and pretty much every sort of flapdoodle know nothing activist BS possible (and that is a lot).

After that skid mark on Broadway avenue.... Doer .... began telling the whoppers ...used the lies concocted by foreign environmental activist organizations and ramped the whole issue up into a political campaign to help see them into term #3 by pretending that the opposition conservatives had been behind Plan-A.

Perhaps you failed to notice that Manitoba Hydro recently admitted that the Bi-Pole III west route is going to cost twice what the NDP claimed? No matter ... the NDP cost projections were nothing but faery dust to sooth the nervous among their own ranks .... they never cared what anyone else thought or knew .... because that's just the way it is when you are "The People's Party".

Plan-B is nothing but political opportunism .... crass pandering to interest groups who have no interest in Manitoba or any right to interfere in our business .... an ideologically driven desire to control things they have no understanding of ..... gross incompetence .... and absolute disregard for the welfare of Manitoba.

So ... after all this ... just why is Manitoba Hydro spending taxpayers money to promote the B plan?


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Anonymous Blue Rods Blog said...

Boy, I hope somebody finds your pacifier real quick so you can stop your crying. If you take out the PC Manitoba rhetoric you wouldn't have anything to post.
After the next election when Hughie is dumped maybe the next leader will have enough intelligence to get the facts before speaking.

3/16/2011 1:41 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Since I don't read or listen to PC party rhetoric ... and I form my own opinions you might think twice about drawing conclusions that I give a rats ass what they say.

Thanks for sharing your profound thoughts and don't let me keep you from your own obviously deep research into current issues.

3/16/2011 5:29 p.m.  
Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Oh I didn't miss a beat on the limp wristed commie drivel the 30 second spot spews. Question is, how many Manitobans can see through the obvious ploy to cury favour for what will amount to a multibillion dollar boondoggle?

A few people I know inside are telling me the route won't change until the socialists are given the boot. I'm not convinced Hughie can do it either.

You wanna know what the real killer is? The east side corridor is already cut, all they need to do is sink in the towers and string the line......and don't get me going on Wusquatim.....

3/17/2011 10:29 p.m.  

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