Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Progressive Propaganda Business

Canadian front ...

Just checking in on the Red Rag of Toronto .... who among the rest of Canadian media were at the forefront of confabulating stories to amplify trivial events into into an never ending string of manufactured political scandals ... surprises the world today with a political article on the impending election that is strictly matter of fact in regard to our Prime Minister's response to the election they worked so hard to create (on behalf of their true ideological friends in politics).

"Harper kicks off campaign ... "

Well ... Good For Them! ..... stay tuned for further developments.....

BTW --- does this make the Toronto Star a "Conservative" propaganda source now?
Are they now under the influence of evil and scary so-cons?

OH HEY .... Check out Jeffy Simpleton at the G&M ... right on cue ..... but haven't we seen this article from him before?
Hat Tip to EBD in Reader Tips and comments at SDA


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