Sunday, April 24, 2011

The $1.5 Billion Election Campaign

Since the CBC seems determined to have their attack dogs Milewski and co. cover up every embarrassment to the Count of Iggula and BASICALLY LIE about every incident involving our PM Mr. Harper ... it seems to me that at least by the time this election is over Elections CA ... should be investigating the expenditures and unauthorized campaign contributions.

In the mean time ... SDA covers the bases ....
To summarize ....
A CBC reporter at an event in BC asks a good question about the connections of a Conservative candidate being run against the perennial parasite Ujal Dosanjh .... the reporter gets his answer ... and the crowd cheers ..... the reporter tries to get the answer repeated in FRENCH ... and the PM complies ....the crowd continues to cheer .... basically the crowd was tired of the reporter and let him know it.
The reporter Trenchcoat Terry Milewski ... embarrasses himself

So how does this get reported by the Globe ?

Tory crowd drowns out question about support from man acquitted in Air India

Add to this .. the CBC/CTV etal parroting the Globe report which in itself is a misrepresentation of what really happened .... and ... spinning the story into some sort of conspiracy to silence those Moral and Intellectual Superiors of the media and you get a bald faced and self serving lie delivered at your expense by the same Partisan Tools that are working overtime to determine what the public "Should" be thinking about our political situation.

The situation for the MSM is what you might call "Pot Committed" .... they continue to overplay their hand in defence of the string of bad plays they have been making in this game.

They are in short ... desperate .... and I like to see it.

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The First American Prime Minister, At The Ice Hockey Game Booed by Crowd ... Thanks to Kate at SDA ... yet again...

The liberal press corps .... on the job and all over that .... right?


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