Sunday, April 24, 2011

They Should Have Used the AGW Method

Scientists say .... "It's taking too long ... To get their hands on the handouts....."

Apparently .... there are a bunch of scientists out there who are getting worried that their entitlement is too slow in coming.

My question would be : What justification is there for funding research into something that is of such little impact that it is going to be impossible to evaluate?

But of course such trifling matters are of no concern to those who benefit from the government enforced handouts .... as if Obama and his EPA thugs are some sort Robin Hood and his Merry Men .... the theft of investor assets by the US government for sole purpose of redistribution is considered perfectly justified in the minds of those who are destined to benefit.

In spite of the fact that the money is already in the hands of the thieves .... the chosen recipients of this state sanctioned are getting nervous about getting their cut of the loot?


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