Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fast and Furious ....

AKA Operation Gunwalker .... the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobaco and Firearms  channeled weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels ..... resulting in the murder of US citizens and law enforcement personnel.

American citizens murdered on US soil as direct result of Obama administration policies.

This attrocity is just another in a long line of highly questionable strategies and tactics by US government agencies under the control of appointed by Obama directors.

From Pyjamas Media  .... PR-op for Gun Control?

You can read into this whatever you want .... but if you don't understand how badly this stinks then you need to go find an adult and have it explained to you. The Obama administration  are either the biggest bunch of fuckups to ever plant their asses in Washington .... or they are just plain evil.
In either case .... they need to be put in front of whatever adults are left in the US government and be forced to explain themselves.

This should be followed by sacking .... criminal prosecution .... and long jail terms.

Hat tips to Small Dead Animals and Pyjamas Media


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