Monday, July 04, 2011

The Failure of Al Gore

Not a matter of intellectual interest for me .... Al Gore's continued plunge into irrelevance and worse cannot happen fast enough nor can it be humiliating enough to suit my sense of justice.
There is no question in my mind about the reasons for his decline and those reasons lie squarely in the fact that his entire public persona has been built upon one false construct after another.
Albert Gore the fortunate son ... who never really had to worry about much in the way of where he was going or how he would get there ... just had to play the roles handed to him by family, school and peers. Never a problem ... because he always looked the part and had all the right credentials. Not that I care much about that sort of thing because what he is is his own business ... up to the point where he starts screwing around with things that affect other people and especially where he gets into public office and how he behaves in the aftermath of that.

To cut to the chase ... back in the days when he was chosen by Slick Willy to run as Veep for the Democrat campaign was the first inkling of how phony this guy is. That unnatural stiffness is not the result of personal reserve but rather of a basic discomfort at being exposed in situations where he is not in control of events. Somewhere along the line he got into a social crusade with his wife ... an effort to dictate what music publishers would be allowed to sell. Although, in this matter I have a certain sympathy for anyone who is offended by deliberately offensive crap being marketed as art.
But again with Albert Gore ...there is no room for give and take .... no ability or even desire to engage in the natural ebb and flow of human interchange.

The point where this became a sure fact in my mind was when he did the rounds of the major late night talk shows .... performing in contrived and transparently scripted efforts to portray having a sense of humor. Which it seems is basically being willing to make fun of his wife and their relationship. (Something I doubt you'll be seeing EVER again! btw) .... Sometime later after a lackluster performance as Bubba's veep ... he was handed the next undeserved reward ... the Presidential nomination to run against GWB. .... whereupon he proceeded to blow a shoe in win of the US Presidency by assuming that being a shoe in meant that he didn't have to DO anything in the campaign.  Proving Gore to be a fuck up of the first order. But ... not satisfied with having screwed the pooch in his big chance at importance ... Albert decides to change his mind about bowing out graciously and pursues a hopelessly contrived effort to discredit the election results. Not surprisingly ... he was happy to jump to the front of the parade of  moonbat Bush haters and lead the freaks in slandering the GoP and anyone who supported them. (Another nail in the Gore reputation coffin)

Jump forward to the next phase of the manufactured career of Albert Gore.... the Great Global Warming Scam ... wherein The Goracle is born.
Taking on the mantle of his natural sense of entitlement and self righteous destiny of greatness and wearing them as if they are proof of his own place as saviour of the world .... a place where it turned out that he had hedged his bets by investing heavily into the artificial opportunity of Carbon Trading.

Too bad for Al that although he had lots of willing supporters in this fraud ... he needed to actually seal the deal on the climate crusade.They give the guy a Nobel prize! They give him a freekin Oscar!

True to form ....Once again Albert Gore meets massive failure.  Not content to act out the role of environmental evangelist Fat Al begins using the hundreds of millions of dollars windfall to to him in the global warming scam to start building and buying a freakishly lavish lifestyle with mansions in various locations ... jetting around unceasingly and generally exposing himself as the self important blowhard he really is.

There is no surprise to Albert Gore's downfall .... It is because of Hubris .... and it is well deserved.

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