Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupid Liberals ....

UPDATE:  You'd wonder why a doctor  would not be given the Health portfolio eh?
Well guess what?
 ................................ Meet Doctor Fry ... who knew?

Meet Carolyn Bennet .... LIberal Critic on aboriginal affairs. When not busy throwing hissy fits and crying "sexism"...

Apparently... Carolyn can't remember how for the better part (heh .. the worse part?) of the last 50 years the LIberals threw billions of dollars at reserves and there is STILL not enough clean water.

BTW ... she is a doctor of medicine! .... You'd think that someone with a medical degree would be busy in the healing business... or perhaps pushing pills for profit ...... or at least have a better grasp of facts and be less inclined to hysterics and bullshit........

I guess in LIberal logic ... if you f@ck up for your entire career ...  you are entitled to claim the high moral ground once you are fired and blame it all  ....  on ....  the new employee?

For the record .... there is not one reserve that has not had millions of dollars spent directly on water and waste treatment  in just the last ten years. Except for maybe the ones that were actually looking after themselves and their infrastructure.

What is actually needed is that those of us who pay for the misguided largess of such LIberal twits get the long overdue display of accountability and competence from those who hand out and those who receive our money.

And while you're at it ... where the hell is the $40 million the LPC stole from Canadians?


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