Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anothe Quebec First Politician in Canada's Government

PM Stephen Harper needs to learn the lesson that the rest of Canada already knows .... Quebec Politicians always put their frenchness and Quebecois clan ahead of all other allegiances

The Conservative veterans affairs minister says he would have preferred that the French had won on the Plains of Abraham.

On Tuesday this loser from Quebec spoke at an event that was supposed to be honouring those who fought and died in Canada's name. Yet ... Blaney decided it was a good idea to tell a group of school children he was "a little bit" on the side of French General the Marquis Louis-Joseph de Montcalm.

"I was not there, yet," Blaney told the kids with a chuckle, "but I was a little bit leaning for the French, at that time. And still, today."

In broken English reminiscient of Stephane Dion .... another jerk politician from Quebec has his "Bang! .... the dog" moment.

I'm thinking he too would like a do-over ... eh?

Mr Harper .... Canada does not need more clowns from Quebec in our Government.


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Hang on a second....was he there? He was leaning for the french then...and now...

Maybe he's a vampire....let me fetch my stake..

10/21/2011 5:12 a.m.  

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