Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heads Up on the next Media Meme....

Courtesy of the Democrat senator Chuck Schumer ... the plan is .....

“....  labeling tea party economics. Tea party double-dip recession. Tea party gridlock. We think that’s going to have a real effect. So in a sense, it’s a sword and a shield. The sword is our effort to do something on jobs. The shield is pointing out what’s keeping us from moving forward.”....

Schumer also seems to believe that the party he belongs to is not in control of two branches of the US government.... and calls a reporter  a liar ... when asked about the fact.

I think the senator is actually correct in his assesment .... you see his party is not the Democratic party of the USA .... Schumer's party is the Big Government  Big Fraud Big Time Commie cabal that has taken over the Democrat party.

His problem is that ... outside of the Whitehouse .... there are still some Dems who have the sense to oppose the the efforts of these cretins to rob America of its heritage.

Hat Tip to .... Bob Parks


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