Thursday, February 09, 2012

What Problem?

While US politicians bend their ever flexible spines in whatever direction it seems the wind may be blowing .... on the matter of immigration threats and border control there seems to be precious little concern ... or even understanding of the nature or scope of threats posed by the lawless nation of Mexico.

Most liberal media seem to think that only issue with the southern US border is the victimhood of migrant labourers ... that and the unfathomable need to ignore the fact that broken laws are actually crimes.

What these members of the Lame Ass Media never bother to get their heads around are things like ... This ... Fifteen TONS of pure methamphetamine !     30,000 pounds .... 480,000 ounces ......13,607,771.1 grams ... who knows how much in dollars .... who knows how much in loss of life and destruction of families and futures?

In relation to Canadian crime stats ... about 1/10 th of the illicit drugs in circulation are ever accounted for. Judging by the state of affairs in Mexico  could we expect even that great a result?

Being generous ... extremely generous ... that would mean a conservative estimate of the outstanding  meth supply  originating in Mexico at any given time would be 150 Tons!

Meanwhile back in Washington ..... "What problem?"

Hat tips to Borderlandbeat dot com


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