Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Whether you like it or not ...
It is more than handing out dollars.

Without any fanfare and certainly with NO reportage in the mainstream media ... the Obama administration enacted a book of legislation ... signed off by the Chosen One himself as an executive order ... that basically sets the stage for the federal government to take over most of the US economy and pretty much rob the populace of their civil rights.

Based on a lot of existing legislation ... all of of it bad ...and a number of preexisting agencies, committees and programs. The new 2012 version has been shaped by the white house gang and democrats to empower the president to declare a state of emergency for any reason and without recourse by those affected. In turn the federal government can assign any of these agencies to step in and take over state and local governments, law enforcement agencies and private businesses.

Of course that is the "worst case" scenario that the Washington Czars are quite prepared to pretend will never happen. They will, instead use the numerous provisions in the executive statute as a means to distribute taxpayer money. Much like the investments in "green" technology the feds will have free reign to "invest" public money in any and all of the their pet and policy friendly financial gambits.

Of course this is the "carrot" part of the strategy. The stick comes from the fact that the feds... at their whim ... can also interfere with any business or individual they choose to target with the same impunity as Hugo Chavez, Vlad Putin or in a more historic context ... Joe Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

Picture government installed executives running GE... or General Dynamics ... or your local food store chain ... or the power utility?  You already got a taste of this with General Motors and Chrysler.

The bailout money that went to Wall Street came with  conditions that will mean the brokerage houses will shut the hell up about Obama fiscal policies. I'm saying now there is a really strong "or else" that goes with that federal choke chain.

I once said that Barack Obama was the USA's Pierre Elliot Trudeau. That is putting it mildly. Unlike the damage that PET and the Liberals did to this country over 30 years or so and which we might be able to rectify within 10 to twenty years of responsible government, the much more effective destruction of America's foundations being set in motion by Washington power brokers is going to hit a lot harder and take much longer to correct and may result in irreparable harm to the economic security most of the free world. Not to mention the risks to freedom and security of the most fundamental sort.

While the current US government is busy doing everything possible to cause civil dissension and financial turmoil along with international instability they are also preparing to take over every aspect of the day to day management of American lives ... and NOBODY in the mainstream is talking about it!


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