Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arrogance and Venality .....

A harsh and accurate assessment of Obama meeting with Medvedev ... unaware that the microphone on him is live ....
From The Diplomad 2.0 ...................

 President Barack "Give Me Space" Obama: Arrogance & Appeasement

In a hard-to-believe scene worthy of the most over-the-top remake of a conspiratorial Manchurian Candidate-type film, we have President Obama conspiring with Putin's Pet Poodle President Medvedev to sell out the security interests of the United States.

I have written before (here and here) that this administration is staffed by people who hate the United States. I, however, never thought that I would see the President of the United States confirm this in public over an open mic, and to do so with the representative of one of the most corrupt and dangerous regimes on the planet.  The President assures the Russians, who just ran a bogus national election, that he, too, will be re-elected, and then will "have flexibility" to give the Russians what they want, i.e., dismantle the anti-missile system. This is what he says in public; what is he saying in private?

The arrogance is stunning. The blatant betrayal of our allies and our national security is breathtaking.

Obama is defeated, or the United States is defeated.  That is the choice we face in November.

Now the blog world picked this up a couple of days ago and the Guardian.UK had the video ....


Personally ...  I'm not the least bit surprised that Obama behaves like a conspiratorial adolescent when in the realm of international discussions. It is after all the natural behaviour for a stunted characterless egotist with a sophomoric world view.

The problem is that this freekin arsehole is conspiring with our enemies....

Oh ... BTW ... did you see anything about this in the MSM?


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