Monday, March 05, 2012

This Is Why Politicians Are Hell Bent on Keeping the SCAM Going...

A sound reason for business ... Big Oil  ... Big Energy  ... EXXON /Gulf/Petro-Can/Shell /GE .... to back the global warming scam (they do know it is a SCAM) is because they can profit from it. The stupid ... and the ignorant have bought into the BS about this whole business being a matter of "science" and continue to do so.
Of course for the international proponents of wealth distribution this still remains the opportunity of the century... the UN and it's minion agencies have never been this close to achieving an international consensus for their dreams of entrenching wealth redistribution from successful to the failures and parasites of this world.

For sure ... the main proponents from the research industry have a vested interest in keeping the fraud going since they live off the research money that comes from the corporate world and from the business of "Big Enviromental Activism".
Unfortunately ... their trough is also being  filled with taxpayer dollars.

Tax dollars are being thrown away in the hundreds of billions provided to mainstream energy industry  players through an endless stream of subsidies to provide risk free incentive for these major business entities. Thanks to our government's largess ... these big energy players get to dominate every possible avenue of alternative energy development. To be sure ... every last one of these "alternate energy" sources is completely non-viable without being propped up by subsidy.

Bio-fuel of every description ... takes more conventional fuel to produce than it is worth and that is not even considering the financial costs to produce the bio-fuels or the cost of lost use of resources when the normal production of food or fiber or oils and the land needed for this production are diverted to the unproductive energy sector. Yet ... the big players still get a guaranteed profit. Thanks to taxpayers.

Wind energy ... which has limited opportunity for economic viability ... is being subsidized around the industrialized world for no other reason than the same players are benefitting from those subsidies.

Solar energy ... as in solar to electrical power ... requires more dollar value in subsidy to even implement (as in install the equipment) than it is able to produce in energy over the entire servicable lifespan of the equipment.

On the political front ... Big Green ... is a win / win proposition. They get political support from the organizations that receive the corporate donations ... and they get political support from the dumbasses that believe the BS of the activists.

The only possible downside for politicos is the relatively limited backlash from an informed public with the sense to see that they are being gamed and want something done about it.

From a blog posting at Autonomous Mind the political and industrial influencing effect is examined.:


There are plenty more examples of these kind of inconvenient facts, where the supposed enemy is a friend and supposed ally is an opponent.  The bottom line is these companies will support whatever helps their bottom line.  They are super powerful and influential corporates, and with the subsidies on offer utterly committed to keeping the climate change gravy train on the tracks.  And we, the taxpaying consumers, foot the bill to increase the wealth of these corporations.

I'm not a conspiracy oriented person ... I think that the corporations will and must do what they can do to prosper... but I do think that the lack of accountability and lack of honesty being displayed by the political classes, the Mainstream Media and by the accademic community is something that needs to be addressed and fought hard to rectify.

Businesses do have a right to prosper ... not at the expense of the taxpayer.

There is no point in arguing facts with the suckers in the green camp .... the only thing you can do is remind politicians that there is a person or more out here who knows the game that is being played.


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Blogger Old Chum said...

Maybe we need to get control of the big corps and the endless tax breaks they get for if , they were to pay their share maybe we could pay less . By their share I mean look at the tax breaks they get .

3/06/2012 4:27 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

... Not likely the way you seem to think it is .....

3/07/2012 7:32 p.m.  

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