Monday, March 12, 2012

Today I Heard on the News.......

Some "expert" proclaiming that by taking action against Iran the US ... and the non-muslim western world in general would be causing a catastrophe much greater than the alternative of allowing the islamist terrorist state to have their A-bombs.

Iran is nothing but a small time bully. Being given way too much room by people too afraid to do the right thing ... like our "expert". Afraid of the repercussions that might be attempted by the global terrorists that Iran feeds? Our "expert" certainly is.  Afraid of hearing the inevitable condemnation that will come from the rest of sanctimonious and and self righteous bystanders? See the "expert"....

The expert thinks that allowing the beligerent to go get his gun is the smart thing to do. Hoping that the SOB will not remember what he was having a hardon about in the first place.Yeah right!

These people are perfectly willing to sell out the entire human race simply because the reality of what needs to be done is too frightening to deal with. These people are cowards.


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