Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping your Eye on the Ball

When people lose sight of problems that exist right under their own noses they are usually in for an unpleasant surprise. And so it is with many Canadians who seem oblivious to the scope of the fiscal mismanagement that many provinces have been guilty of.
While much of the MSM has been offering up bread and circuses over manufactured outrage and faux political scandal ... or at best maintaining the memes about European economic suicide. We have here at home our own Greece. Although there is little said in our own media about the enormity of state financial collapse in the USA ... California ... Michigan ... Illinois etc.... we have our own problems. Not that you would ever notice if you spend your time watching CBC/CTV etal or reading the G&M or Star or Sun........

BC is broke and in debt beyond their ability to manage
AB is now entering the ranks of spendthrift big government social engineering states choosing a life long devotee of big government and bureaucratic empowerment to be PM. Watch this economic powerhouse squander it's opportunity to lead Canada out of the moral and economic squalor of socialist idealism.
Thank God for SK having the sense to finally get rid of the NDP commies. Combined with the good fortune to have finally connected with the resource development bonanza "the Gap"looks to be finally able to show some good sense and end the rising stink of welfare dependence and economic rot.
 MB remains firmly in the grip of entitlement dependence and an obliviousness to economic reality that is staggering in it's thickness. The tax sucking parasites of the NDP in Manitoba are busy digging the debt hole and have no plans to do anything different. Just wait till the transfer fund gravy train stops this year.
ON and the McGuinty Liberals have outdone the biggest wastrels on the planet... as noted by : -commentor Rudy

Deficit: $16billion
Net debt: $612billion
Population 38million
GDP $1.9 Trillion
Deficit/capita: ~$420

Deficit: $15 billion
Net debt: $250billion
Population: 13million
GDP: $612 Million
Deficit/capita: ~$1150

"Canada's own California is many times more bankrupt than the real thing, yet it catches much less spotlight. When Ontario blows up it WILL take Canada down with it."

As for everything east of Ontario's  evolving economic wasteland .... the decades long decline and inbred culture of dependency pretty much guarantees more of the same.

PQ is long lost and has not contributed to the net well being of this country since the 1960s.
NB is nothing but a welfare dependant ... if it were not for government jobs and transfers from the ROC there would be simply nothing but a few fishing villages left.
NS is another province on the receiving end of the financial dole ... although possibly capable of reasserting their agricultural economy fundamentals they are still on the path of growing government and debt to maintain services at unrealistic levels.
PEI ... should just give up pretending to be a self sustaining entity ... the so called province produces nothing that the rest of the world need and would likely be reduced to subsisting on potatoes and haddock if the federal teat were withdrawn.

NL/LB   have chosen to not be self sufficient and the fact is that they do not need to be dependant. It is a matter of choice for these regions ....

But let's not lose sight of the elephant in the Canadian parlor ... Ontario ....


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