Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do Little

And do it With as little conviction as possible ...

The US Supreme Court (You know I just detest that term...but I guess if you are the top of anything you may call yourself whatever you want) .... SCOTUS reduced the whole health care argument today to being matter of symantics.  A 5 to 4 decision allows them all to go home claiming to have done their job and fought the good fight for Consitutional Rule of Law.

It's a TAX they say .... so that makes it A-O-K ........

Well, there were a LOT of people saying that from the getgo ... and even if it tends to pissoff many of those people you can look at the bright side. Heh? Bright Side?  Yes ... bright side ... the SCOTUS just proved by their (unchallengable) authority that POTUS Obama and his entire administration along with the entire Democrat party and establishment .. are liars.

On the other hand this same ruling means that they do not have to take the BLAME for the soon to be felt PAIN of actually giving the government the power to tax you for anything (even it really means forcing you to buy stuff you do not want from people you do not want to buy it from).

 Nor do they have to take they pain of criticism (meaning accusations of R-A-C-I-S-M) for undoing the affirmitive action president's work of hubris.

Also ... it will take a while (I think ... but we will see) for the newly empowered Congress to come up with new ways to abuse their postition through creation of new policies forcing Americans to bend over and take whatever they can dream up.

In a way it does make sense for the justices to pass this off because it puts the onus on the American Voter to tell the goofs they elected where to stick their sticky fingers and sniffing snotty noses.

Question is ... Do the American voters have what it takes to do it?


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