Sunday, August 05, 2012

Canadian Media ... Cheshire Cat

With a hat tip to Small Dead Animals ... the Saskatchewan based blog that ... In My Opinion ... has done more to inform and educate the world on the FACTS about the Canadian Wheat Board than the entire mainstream media or the collective propaganda that has been promoted by government agencies .... or the entire realm of academia.

Since taking the WCB on as an issue the SDA crew of contributors and commenting readers has well dissected every point of view and most of the blather ... both pro and con ... that has been tossed about in the public realm.

Since the federal government has put an end to its agencies enforced rule and power to prosecute objectors to the agency mandates, the question of whether membership and subscription to the WCB services is beneficial or not will be decided by farmers instead of government "experts" and bureaucrats. Strike ONE large blow for freedom.

Striking the second blow for freedom against this abuse of government, the Prime Minister has put forward and taken the initiative to pardon victims of the WCBs over reaching bureaucrats who committed the "crime" of selling or trying to sell their own property outside of the wheat board.

Remember that the WCB was the creation of liberals in government and in the grain business and supported by some farmers. The WCB was defended and supported in public by liberal media and academics who favour government intervention over individual initiative.

Remember also that these same "progressives" favour the pardon and enforced compensation of people like Maher Arrar and  argue for the repatriation of  Omar Khadr .... the same people whose hearts bleed for rioter, vandals and thieves of all stripes instead of demanding that justice be served.

Never forget.
“The Liberals have always supported jailing farmers who resisted the old and unjust Wheat Board monopoly, so it’s no surprise they don’t approve of doing the decent and just thing now that the Wheat Board monopoly has been abolished,”

The nearly extinct LPC and their supporters are like the Cheshire Cat  and the liberal media the grin.

I for one cannot Wait until the cat is extinguished.


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