Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Property Rights on Reserves?

Just as soon as the rest of us get them!

So the question has come up about whether native residents on reserves should have property rights.

Damned RIGHT! Instead of the thugs and thieves who run the reserves having arbitrary power to give and take anything and everything from those they favour or disfavour.

And that goes double for those of us  who earned and paid for the properties we live on, work on or simply invest in.

The sorry fact that Canadians have to live with is  that our government considers us to be vassals and tenants. They allow us to reside where we pay the price to do so... but only so long as it remains convenient for the "Crown" and the representatives of the crown to allow this.

A sad fact that anyone in Canada can have their property confiscated. Led me to wonder just how Americans stood still for the changes in "Eminent Domain" laws that were shoved down their throats by the courts just a few years ago.



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