Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rogue Backbenchers or Just Ridiculous Fools

It's a sad fact of politics that parties pretty much have to take whatever they get in terms of candidates and especially ones that are successfully elected.

The problem is that any fool can run for office and get elected. Witness the entire opposition in the House of Commons.

However, this is not solely a problem for the lefticles and libranos (although they hardly see it as a problem) ... but rather a common affliction suffered by all. The difference between the parties here in Canada is that the commie NDP just accept loons and losers like hippies accept crab lice and venereal disease. The Libs just try to pretend that it isn't moonbattery but genius.

But for conservatives such things ARE a problem.

Medicocre political hacks who manage to get elected are expected to make every effort to behave like adults and learn how to play on the TEAM. Those who can't manage this or refuse to, need to be taught a lesson. Those who will not learn need to be booted.

And so it goes for MP Mark Warawa who has decided that his personal agenda is more important than dealing with the business of governing this nation. Who's childishly petulant demand that he be allowed to waste our government's time making moral pronouncements is a right to which he is entitled. Who continues to behave like an attention seeking adolescent while the adults in the room have made it plain that he is out of line.

I feel no sympathy for this fool.

I also completely understand why his juvenile antics appeal so much to the clowns in opposition and to the slavering morons in the media. Mark Warawa is "one of theirs". He is an entitled and attention seeking clown who is out of his depth in serious matters and seeks to bring the discussion down to his own pathetic level of understanding. He panders to the unthinking and irresponsible for no other reason than to appear to be a person of import.

He is not a person of import.


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