Thursday, October 17, 2013

Because .... They Can

One of the things that truly pisses me off is the utter lack of consequences faced by any group of protesters who manage to get a bunch of natives to camp out with them.

Blocking roads, interfering with lawful activities of people and businesses, destruction of private and public property, threats and assaults all go largely unreported. For the most part, the thugs in the group are kept well out of view from the scores of cameras present while the media and individuals inclined to support the protests focus on the hodge-podge of women and drum bangers who make a point of pushing themselves into the faces of any security forces that are assembled.

Meanwhile, in the background there are thugs with their faces covered hurling threats and obscenities. So long as the cameras are misdirected at the theatrics these cretins can hide out of sight with weapons and attack vehicles with firebombs.

New Brunswick
So just how is it that the act of incinerating these vehicles has apparently escaped the scores of cameras?

Peaceful protest tools

We'll see soon enough if anyone faces the full consequences of the violent and completely illegal occupation on public property or any of the other criminal activities.
If you can stomach it.... here's the CBC version of events.....

CBC Shale gas protest

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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Had the pleasure of watching Pam Palmater spew her crap...I'm going to stop right there....

10/17/2013 4:42 p.m.  

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