Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Breath, Blood and DNA

The US government agency -NHTSA- is in the process of conducting what they describe as a "Survey" to gauge the incidence of impaired driving.

This survey apparently is being conducted in 30 US cities and involves local police service personnel  pulling vehicles from the road and confronting drivers with a "request" to submit themselves to breath analysis and to provide both blood and DNA (saliva) samples. Once a driver has been forced off the road they are presented with a list of "options" for compliance with the supposedly voluntary screening. However, what they do not know is that as soon as they roll down their window, a device held by the agent/officer has already taken a reading  of the air in the car. They have no way of knowing this unless they read a waver in the document (small print).

The mind boggles at the outrageous behaviour and arrogance of the NHTSA which is conducting the program and the local police or other agents who are willing to break the law to implement these tests.
Click on this link and watch the video report : Roadblocks used to intimidate law abiding citizens ...

No word if the documents provide an option of saying Fuck You I'm Calling my Lawyer!

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