Monday, November 04, 2013

Bring Back Trust

Well it might mean something completely different to Quebecers than it does to people who live in the real world.

Former Canadian Immigration Minister Denis Coderre, who vowed to “bring back trust” to municipal politics, was elected mayor of Montreal, becoming the city’s fourth leader in the past year.

In an election that stemmed from the province wide corruption scandals Coderre is the fourth mayor for Montreal in the last year.

My memory of Coderre is something less than an honourable or honest politician. Rather a venal Liberal party insider who is entirely steeped in the Quebec liberal culture of corruption as exemplified by the Chretien gang and their proven ties to organized crime. Fraud, graft, extortion and political influence peddling ....The Libranos ... persist.

Librano$ Names of Interest: Benoit Corbeil, Joe Morselli, Alain Renaud, Real Ouimet, Denis Coderre, Allan Rock, Brian Tobin, Jean Brault, Paul Coffin and Jean Lafleur, Chuck Guité.
Chretien-Martin-Dion-Gagliano, etc.


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