Thursday, November 14, 2013

Truth Team eh?

What is OFA?

Well ... simply put ... it (Organizing for Action) is an invention of the Obama election team that enabled the political supporters to run interference for the Obama administration across social media.

The volunteers who sign up to the OFA group are encouraged to repeat what are supposed to be talking points generated by the administration and "report" supposedly unfavorable views found in news or web based reporting and commentary.

OFA is essentially a cyber mob of  wind up tools that are sent about to swarm the enemies of the Chicago Jeezuz.

Joe Stalin, Joseph Goebels and Chairman Mao would be so proud.

How Generous !  Obama claims he will "ALLOW" people to keep their plans until 2014!

Never mind that: a) He has no authority to change the law he shoved down everyone's throat. b) 2014 is less than two months away.

I wonder how the "Truth Team" will deal with that!


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