Monday, November 18, 2013

Wisconsin Democrat run Courts

Secret Investigations?

A commenter at Watchdog dot org ....

.....  How deliciously corrupt. Who appointed retired Justice Neal Nettesheim (John Doe #1) and retired Judge Kluka to oversee these secret John Doe tribunals akin to our secret military tribunals and every bit as constitutionally vacant? None other than Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. She and she alone has the legal authority to appoint her favored retired minions to do her dirty work. Lets not forget who butters her bread. When she ran in 2009 she had no problem raking in well over $500,000 from PAC's from the left (Advancing Wisconsin and the Greater Wisconsin Committee). SEIU and AFSCME generously contributed up to the limit filling Justice Shirley A's campaign purse with tens of thousands of union backed dollars. Follow the money backing this sorry prosecutorial hack job and it will lead right to the top of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Of course, Chief Justice Abrahamson has never considered recusing herself when penning her opinions on issues that directly impact those who gave big money to get her elected. Those very same big money PAC's who spent untold dollars on television advertising to get their friend Shirley reelected have rigged the justice system utilizing the power they now weld in Wisconsin Supreme Court "pay to play" politics at its worse. The violation of the separation of powers doctrine stinks to high heaven as the Chief Justice hides behind her retired judge friends who she has appointed to help the malicious prosecutor trample on our Constitution. Given that one of Justice Shirley A's major campaign contributors owns a consulting firm that specializes in paper shredding we can expect the shredding to begin. The fact is that John Doe 2 is a witch hunt directed from our very own Witch-in-Chief who shamefully leads our highest court. Let the leaking begin.....

Yes indeed .... another example of how the Democrat party is basically a criminal enterprise that exists for it's own sake. The corrupt pursuit of power at any any cost and by any means.

All paid for by taxpayers.


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