Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Manipulating Public Perception - Observing the MSM

Three Easy Steps to follow :

Step One - Fill the media with opinion supporting your POV and Agenda (Check)
Step Two - Conduct polls to test the effect of your media biltz (Check)
Step Three - Use poll results to justify your actions and prop up your POV and agenda (Check)

Of course if you happen to be Canadian Press or CBC or CTVGlobe Media it's a lot easier!

We are now entering phase three as practiced by these liberal friendly would be shapers of public opinion! The current campaign which began in earnest at new years is proceeding according to plan for the most part. Although the environment as an issue has received contradictory results the MSM are still keeping to their theme that Canadians don't trust the scary conservatives!

CP observes that Canadians are "cynical" about how parties stand the issues...I wonder why?


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