Friday, March 16, 2007

The Plame Game Goes On!

This morning the TV news had Live Valerie Plame presentation to the Congressional Hearings
was on.

The upshot is: Why are these jokers going through this process?

Link to the facts by way of my previous post
on this matter where CBC was making much of the Libby "Obstruction" conviction. The Facts of the matter are that Richard Armitage was the one who leaked Plame's CIA connection to the media and he admitted it!
Libby's trial was all about Political Revenge from anti-war dems and they are STILL spreading the BS THICK. Plame herself alluded to Libby's culpability in the matter several times today and basically took the liberty of bashing the Bush administration over something that has been proven to be a muck raking exercise from the getgo...started by the Democrat's inside man Dick Armitage.

With tee shirt clad cheerleaders in the Background bearing homemade magic marker anti-Bush slogans and making the "shame shame" finger motions we witness Valerie Plame without any Shame went on and on in the Blame Bush game!

Also nicely summarized here:

Or Just do Google Search : Armitage Plame !!

It's ALL BS and a political show with the Dem's looking for publicity and to continue to smear the Bush Whitehouse administration!

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