Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News Flash - Liberals Have Their Heads Up Their Asses!

Well well well....... in this Flying Pigs moment in Canadian Blogging ..... Courtesy of the Self Proclaimed Prince of Darkness ... His Kinsellaness Incarnate.......

Dateline September17, 2007

WK in a moment of clarity approaching epiphany ......

"....... And it means that the Liberal Party of Canada needs to get its head out of its arse. Staff changes, organizational changes, policy changes, you name it. Top to bottom, all of it. This was big, and that needs to be acknowledged."

Gee Warren ..... I've been telling you that for ..... YEARS!

Let's hope it comes about as the result of the utter annihilation of the LPC and all of it's candidates ..... !

In related News From the Red Rag of Toronto Linda Mcguaig offers this on MMP :

"Instead we would have ended up with governments that more accurately reflected the generally centrist-progressive nature of Ontarians."
"Anyone who has a problem with that has a problem with democracy."

Problem with democracy? ...... Problem with sanctimonious twits who believe that the Liberals have a God Given Right and that Toronto IS the Center of the Universe.

Hey Linda! Refer to WK's quote about Liberals...... Apply to yourself!

And ... An Extra Bonus : Courtesy the predictable Buffoon Jack Laytoon..

"Emboldened Layton warns government that it can't count on NDP support"

OTTAWA (CP) - The leader of an emboldened NDP has warned that he will likely oppose the Harper government in a confidence vote next month.

Please DO Please!


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