Monday, November 26, 2007

New Socialist PM Starts Off A Day Late and a Dollar Short!

Newly Elected Australian PM Kevin Rudd gets off the mark in true lefty style.

Promising to "Get out of Iraq" and signing on to Kyoto" Rudd shows the world how to really lead. That is leading by following the rest of the worlds socialist goofballs.

Move over Fidel! Get ready Hugo! Keep the Faith Bobby Mugabe! Kevin is Kool and he's down with the Bush Derangement Syndrome! Stand by for for him to announcing more double plus good things like higher business taxes, more power for unions, price controls and nationalized industries.

There's a whole bunch of poor misunderstood muslim immigrants that need pandering to and have hurt feelings that will require official apologies.

Socialist of the world rejoice! There's a new member of the club on the scene.

Take heart Jack Laytoon .... your Aussie friends will just L-O-V-E hearing some of your ideas!

Closer to Home:
In TORONTO -- Howard Hampton who Led the Ontario NDP to Defeat has characterized the election as "" Our candidates didn't see a "just reward'' for their efforts! ""
Howard pledged to stay on as NDP leader and promised to hold the government accountable on key issues like child poverty and Ontario's shrinking manufacturing sector.

"I'm not going anywhere,'' Hampton told an audience of party faithful during a conciliatory speech at a meeting in downtown Toronto on Saturday.

Yep! It's gotta be tough being a socialist opponent to a socialist government .... and of course elections are all about you and your buddies getting your "Just Rewards" !


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