Monday, January 21, 2008

Muammar al-QADHAFI Is a Genius!

I once attended college with a group of Libyans who liked to tell me that.
You see Colonel Qadahfi saved Lybia from itself by bringing it into the 20th century.

I won't argue that didn't accomplish something but in my view what he accomplished is far less commendable than what his little exchange student quizlings believed.

Gates of Vienna talks about the NEW racket that propels Libya's interest in acting as North Africa's burr under the saddle of Europe and the West.

It seems they've refined the human trafficking business to new levels.
The way the scam works is that they leave their own borders open to masses of North African migrants. They allow smugglers free reign to operate within the Libyan borders and to ship their cargo over the Mediterranean. If things are as usual within the Libyan state then this is probably a real money maker for military and government officials as well.
When European states complain the Libyans cry poor and seek financial aid to help stem the tide which makes it profitable for the government. And of course, they can continue to play innocent victim of circumstances while blackmailing nations like Italy for money to "help fight" the human trafficking plague!

Guess how much success they're having at that eh!

The real deal here is that Libya has been promoted as a reformed nation and a responsible state that operates under civil rule of law and works in cooperation with other nations as a responsible member of the world's nations.

Once again the UN is right at the core of one of the biggest fiascos in history!
Completely oblivious to malfeasance of one of it's pet members and incapable of acting in the interest of the wider global community. Even in support of it's own policies.

Note: The US resumed full diplomatic relations with Libya in May 2006 and rescinded Libya's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism in June.


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