Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MY Civic Duty! Hump Day Hump of The Week

Gary Doer wants to leave a legacy to Manitobans!

And in true Socialist fashion wants to make sure that YOU and YOUR children pay for it.

DOER wants to force Hydro to go against their plans that were 25 years in the making. Hydro recommended building a New transmission line down the East Side of Lake Winnipeg. Gary Doer shut that project down because it was Conservatives who approved it. Remember that approval came after 25 Years of research and planning! Doer chose to listen to an Environmental Activist Group who do not represent Manitobans and use their false arguments against OUR project to justify his decision. Doer then decided arbitrarily to restart the project and MOVE to the West Side of Lake Manitoba! Remember... Gary Doer who has done nothing in his life outside of labour union work and being a politician ... has decided that 25 years of planning do not matter and that HIS WISH to be contrary and put HIS Personal Stamp on the Province trumps all of the economic, engineering and strategic research done by Professionals over two and one half Decades!!!! The ADDITIONAL COSTS will be at least $5 Billion!

Here is a SITE .... that has information and connects to a PETITION that YOU can sign to Help Put A Stop To Gary Doer's Waste of your future!

* Bi-Pole 3 * is the BIG project that the grinning dipper has his sights set on and it is a huge boondoggle in the making! An UNNECESSARY Additional Burden on Manitoba's Economy and on Taxpayers!

We are talking here about:
  • BILLIONS - as in thousands and thousands of MILLIONS of Manitoba TAXPAYERS dollars! That's In Addition To the Planned Costs of the ORIGINAL Project!!
  • WASTE - as in Unnecessary expenditure! There are NO benefits to this change in Plan!
  • WASTE - as in unrealized and non-existent benefits that will result from this "Plan"!
  • WASTE - as in lost opportunity for the communities on The East Side of Lake Winnipeg that were SUPPOSED to be included in this development!
  • WASTE - as in the 25 years of research and planning that Manitoba Hydro put into the project!
  • ARROGANCE - In Doer's insistence that Hydro remake a Major Project to comply with his Personal Agenda ! IN Spite of the Fact that Hydro Recommended against this!
  • PANDERING - To a small group of US based environmental activists who felt it was their "right" to meddle in OUR business!
  • CALLOUS DISREGARD - For the ongoing costs to Manitobans - $5000 to be put on the tab for future payment - That's Five Thousand Dollars that EVERY Man Woman AND Child in this Province who will be held to pay for Gary Doer's STUPIDITY!
  • STUPIDITY - In ignoring all advice from Responsible Manitobans against this project.
  • DISHONESTY - In continuing to LIE and misrepresent the FACTS of this FRAUD being perpetrated by the Premier and his NDP stooges.
Doer's Plan to Build a Legacy at YOUR expense AND Saddle YOU and YOUR children with $5Billion of UNNECESSARY DEBT MUST BE STOPPED!



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Blogger cherenkov said...

Thanks for posting about this, OMMAG. I have already signed the petition, and have posted about "Bipole Disorder" in the past. This is an absolute brutal waste of tax payer dollars, and a lost opportunity for several East-Manitoba communities, as you point out.

Not just that, but it's a terrible environmental decision as well. The West route may very well impact more forest, and more significantly, between 28 and 56 MW of GREEN power will be LOST every year because of the longer transmission line. If you're an environmentalist, think of all the green house gases that green power could displace. If you're a taxpayer, think about the additional $20m per year that will cost you.

2/06/2008 9:16 p.m.  
Blogger cherenkov said...

...and just for kicks, check out the comment by Danelle Bushie in the blog comments:

2/06/2008 9:18 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Thanks Man I've got some thoughts for Chief Bushie.

2/07/2008 9:09 a.m.  

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