Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Karzai Talks Facts With NATO !

Hamid Karzai Has NO Time For Fools!

Also as of this morning the NATO meetings in Bucharest have generated some expected and some unexpected results.

In a open forum with the media Afghan President Hamid Karzai had some politely framed criticism for the MSM. When asked about his supposed animosity to a former British NATO rep Karzai referred to articles published in the London Times that were often repeated around the western media. The nub of the matter is that the media have been dishonest in the coverage of the Afghan situation and when British representatives to NATO use the confabulations of the media as a basis for policy it is not going to be tolerated.

Good for Karzai ..... He WILL NOT suffer fools!

Note ... Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper sitting at Karzai's Right Hand.
Recall now that our Government elected NOT to bring along NDP and Liberal reps to the meetings!

NATO - The Pacifist Alliance

Thanks to !NoPasaran! for this interesting blog piece from Atlanticus at "The Reactionary" ....


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