Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poisoned Pill Pushers !

Doer and The Dippers .....

The concept of a "poisoned pill" in a business deal is that the board of a company that is under pressure to be taken over by rivals will take on some form of debt that will kill the deal for their rivals and hopefully scotch the deal for them.
In politics it's a government that knows it's on the way out that spends every last dime they can and makes long term commitments that will impoverish incoming governments for the foreseeable future. Like other past NDP governments this is exactly what Doer is doing.
Boondoggles like immense cost overruns on Hydro Projects, the Floodway expansion overruns, the proposed West Side Hydro Bipole III power corridor and it's inherent waste and the unchecked pillaging of the bank accounts of crown corporations like Hydro and MPI.

Another multi-million dollar waste of Manitoban's money and a long term commitment that will be on the books for decades to come.

Manitoba PM Gary Doer announced on Monday that four Manitoba Crown Corporations will be donating as much as $265 million to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Doer says that he simply suggested that the crown corps pony up some money for this project those organizations just followed through with their 'conscience'.

Never mind that the Manitoba Public Insurance, the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, and Manitoba Hydro directors are political appointees.
Never mind that Doer and his Dippers have been using the crown corps as their piggy banks for the last 9 years.
Never mind that under the NDP there are NO government departments that are working as they should. Never mind that your health care dollars are being squandered by regional health authorities without any useful oversight from this government. Never mind that Doer and his pals allowed thousands of Manitobans to have their retirement investments ripped off without any recourse through the Crocus Fund. Never mind all that !

Just go along with Gary Doer and bask in his stupid grin as he sells you out and writes cheques on your future.

You think your Hydro bills or your Gas are too high? It's going to get worse.
You think the government take on liquor and Beer is high now .... just wait.

So what will be left when this grinning idiot and his band of spendthrift cleptocrats finally get turfed?
Debts! The largest and most crippling debt this province has EVER faced.
So who will be stuck with MANAGING that debt ... well of course it will be the Manitoba Conservatives ! Conservatives who because they believe in good governance and responsible management will be FORCED to cut programs, to penny pinch and to TAX.
Conservatives who will require the crown corps to MANAGE their operations responsibly.
Conservatives who will do what is necessary to fix the problems created by the Doer government of incompetents.

This is the poisoned pill that Doer will leave behind. And you might ask To What End?

Well simple as this .... the gullible and the NDP loyal in our community will be convinced that the NDP are the only ones who will support those ideas of what are GOOD causes. They will look around and see that the economy is in a shambles and that the Conservative Government is taking things away. They will conclude with the help of our local media that .... of course it's the fault of the Conservatives that their lives are crap and it's all costing them too much. In return they reward the NDP with another government somewhere down the road. The only question is whether there will be time to undo the harm that has been inflicted by this one.

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Enjoy your crap sandwich friends!


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Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

If they want a human rights museum the Aspers could pay cash, instead of fleecing Manitobans who earn 30k /yr to put their name up in lights.

I do go to the Morden dinosaur one, the Children's museum, the Museum of Man and nature not much since I changed the name and some of the military ones.

If they wanted to make the dinosaur one at Morden larger I would be ok with that, If they wanted to build a military museum I would be ok with that.

To take that much from Manitoban's to feather the Medici's nest is preposterous.

4/29/2008 11:00 a.m.  
Anonymous Frozen Tex said...

Isn't this one of the ways the left demonizes conservatives? Spend, spend, spend; handouts to everyone; bankrupt their jurisdiction; then when people get fed up and vote them out, the conservatives that get voted in to clean up the mess cut spending and cut off the handouts, followed by labour unions and various advocacy groups (health, education, the "poor") scream about the cruel conservatives taking away all their money! did I miss anything?

4/29/2008 11:14 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

MAD .... I'm torn on the HRM thing.. just a bit... If Izzy Aspe deserves a memorial to his contributions I say great. The problem is that they cloak this as a benefit to Manitoba and expect us to pay for it!

Miss anything?

Probably ... there is no end to the malfeasance of socialist governments.

But that's a nice summary!

4/29/2008 11:31 a.m.  
Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

What other than giving a lot of money to liberals were IZZY's contributions? I must have forgotten? I doubt he even paid for 100% of the lyric band stand.

Not only are we paying a lot we are paying it for a "white elephant" the only people who will go are schools forced to or govt workers forced to, them buying a ticket will never be a profit because it's all tax dollars.

did I miss anything? Frozen tex where is your sense of social justice spend like the money is FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

4/29/2008 11:57 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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