Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tax Spending Liberals - Contribute to Gore Crusade!

So ... these two LIberals are going to a Proselytising event to participate and have agreed to contribute to said proselytizers efforts and the Canadian Tax Payers are going to foot the BILL?

Is that right?

More at : Dust My Broom

London-North-Centre MP Glen Pearson is one of two MPs scheduled to attend an Al Gore led Climate Project Canada training session this weekend along with 200 or so other Canadian "climate change fighters." Pearson is concerned that interest in the environment "appears to be taking a back seat to the economy."
(Sun Media) Pearson and fellow Liberal Mauril Belanger (Ottawa-Vanier) are the two MPs attending, said Victoria Serda, a Port Elgin environmentalist and one of the key organizers for the Climate Project Canada's training session.

Now I don't know about you .... but MY MP is getting a CALL and an e-mail on this BS.


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