Monday, May 12, 2008

Black Day For Freedom In Canada

In another of what seems to be a endless string of spineless and unprincipled positions being taken by the Conservative Government of Canada today we hear that Rob Nicholson, the Conservative government's Justice Minister is unwilling to challenge the constitutionality of the Charter of Rights section 13.

This is the part where the government gets to assign unelected bodies to bureaucratic entities that are then entitled to abuse YOUR right to say what you think.

Although this may not be the end of the story on this matter it is reflective of the mindset that politicians exhibit once they get to Ottawa and I for one am fed up with it.

If you give a crap about the future of this country and the concept of free speech among other things it's time to send pointed communications to your MPs in Ottawa.

Link to Ezra Levant

Effectively Rob Nicholson is saying that because the LIberal appointed supreme court has defended this section in the past that there is no point or reason to challenge it.

I've got news for YOU Nicholson ... just because a BAD law and a stupid law is supported or defended by LIberal jackasses it does not mean that we have to be content to live with it.

It's YOUR job Mr. Nicholson to be finding a way to get rid of this abomination called Section 13 of the CHRA.

This is NOT acceptable!

Remember - We Told You So!

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