Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Philadelphia After the Boy Scouts Home

From STACLU ....

What times we live in when a city government has nothing better to do than to kick the Boy Scouts out of their headquarters for standing by their principles. Nice to see the Boy Scouts continue to fight for their principles, and not let the big, bad government run over them.

When the Scouts were first formed it was a time that required men to be men.
The purpose of the organisation was to allow boys to learn HOW to become men .... something which modern liberals really don't like. After all what could happen if enough young men are brought up believe that there actually is something like right and wrong ... good and evil and all stuff that the preachers of moral equivalence work so hard to deny.

As for the City of Philadelphia .... they just want to grab the property.

I'd like to see the profile of the council members behind this move....


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