Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overheard Somewhere Yesterday....

I really wish that I had marked or copied a hilarious piece by a commenter on one of the blogs I read yesterday!

Now I cannot find it..... was it SDA ... or YargB or Mitchieville....was it !No Pasaran! ..... heck I don't remember.... and I don't have all day to go searching for it.

(Memo to self .... if you laugh when you read it .... save it! OK?)

Anyway, I will try to recreate the comment as I recall it :

There's an Irish pundit somewhere who observes that in the course of the run up to their 2008 elections the Americans have been going to ridiculous lengths to lionize a bunch of really crappy politicians. The lot of them constitute nothing more than a gang of slippery phonies with little in the way of real qualifications and much to make them justifiably suspect.

To review :

Bill Clinton ... a misogynist, liar and failed lawyer with a history of nothing accomplished other than successful runs at office. Unless you consider attracting accusations of sexual misconduct an accomplishment.

Hillary Clinton ... Wife of said misogynist failed lawyer and disgraced politician Bill C. Herself a failed lawyer with a history of shady associations involving unsavory characters from hillbilly land and points international as well .... who was fired and faced near disbarment in her participation during the Watergate investigations, a proven fabricator and prevaricator with a proclivity for unethical and underhanded behaviour and making grandiose claims about her own history. Aside from her naked lifelong display of blind ambition ... having no particular accomplishments to demonstrate other that getting elected to Senate seat in a Democratic stronghold. A real piece of work she is!

Barak Hussein Obama - the hollow man! A confabulation of wishes and desires expressed in the fevered pandering and salivation exhibited daily in the Liberal Media ... a veritable Janus among the sea of two faced whores in the political arena ... a guy who has a penchant for befriending and standing by some real scumbags and America Haters ... another failed lawyer married to a successful lawyer who happens to HATE her native nation and demonstrates a strange combination of naked contempt for ordinary people, an ingrained sense of entitlement and overblown self worth. The two of them have lived a life of posturing in the black community holding communion with racists and advocates of black victimhood as a way of life. A real pair of phonies. And did I say Lawyers?

There was some mention I think of Other notable Democrat candidates and their supporters a real cast of clowns in my opinion .... BUT with ONE thing in common besides being bereft of morals, ethics or common decency ... That being they are all Lawyers with less than stellar track records on the ethics front.

Now given ALL of that ... the OTHER candidate ... The One who's is NOT getting all that much attention from the Media and not that much apparent support ( this is linked to the afore mentioned pander of the Media to those others of the Democrat sort) .... Well .

The guy is a war hero, a proven survivor who LOVES his country and Respects the American people as well as the traditions of his Nation. He is NOT a lawyer and neither is his Lovely and dignified wife .... who just happens to own a BREWERY!

AND so ... asks the Irish pundit ..... just what are you thinking about boys?

I agree... Cheers!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only is he a war hero but he is a closet liberal that wants to let every Mexican in Mexico across the border. As for his pill popping wife, it would have been nice if he at least divorced his crippled first wife beore moving on to the younger model.

No matter who wins, we lose. At least Obama is hoinest about his liberal stances, McCain just lies about them.

7/24/2008 2:59 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Obama .... Honest ?? Haha... good one...

So did you hear about the Irish Pundit who ......

7/24/2008 3:30 p.m.  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Cheers indeed..Obama calls us global citizens as if we dont even have our won country!

7/24/2008 5:14 p.m.  

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