Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Guess We Are Not Supposed to Remember ...

That it was these guys who were busy enabling the Chinese for decades.

From CP :

Canadian protests of China's human rights record continue in advance of Games .... Says The Headline

OTTAWA - Opposition members of Parliament have spoken out against human-rights abuses in China, one day before the official opening of the Olympics in Beijing.

Liberal MP Irwin Cotler says, on the eve of the Games, the world is seeing continuing human rights violations by China.

Cotler calls it a betrayal of the Olympic charter.

Former Liberal David Kilgour accuses China of killing Falon Gong practitioners, and wonders how the Communist country was ever awarded the Olympic Games.

Well of course they are bad mouthing the Chinese right NOW .... because in their minds they believe that this is an embarrassment to the Conservative Government.

When in fact what they themselves are and always have been is an embarrassment to Canadians through word and deed for decades and continuing until they are finally gone and forgotten.

LIBERALS - "Just Stop Thinking and believe what we tell you to believe!"

Canadian Press - "Listen to your LIberal Masters"


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